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For 20 years, RongTai has been to promote the development of the industry as any hardware by developing the technological innovation and independent brands. Since 1990, Rongtai was the first to develop the production technology of stainless steel friction stay hinge. By 2002, we got the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and began the metal clusters of manufactured products group. Then,the RongtaiTechnology Network was created in 2000, pioneered the development of industry B2B platform of Rongtai Hardware Network Hardware. Its well-known brands,such as Ronglisi, KAILI ,KECHUANG,MEKING, our products had been changed form single become diversificate, to provide users withcomprehensive, multi-level services. In 2006,RongTai set up an international trading company,which make products of Rongtai to be famous in more than100 countries and regions in the wrld.Where there are buildings, there will get Rongtai hardware products.To improve the our life condition is the thing what we are making efforts.

    Hardware Manufacturing Specialized in Stainless Steel Friction Stay Hinge, Position Hinge, Window Handle Series, Drive Lever Series, Crescent Lock Series, PVC Pulley Series, Door Bolt ,ect.
    Brand Marketing Main products: Door Hinge, Lock series, Door Stopper ,Handle Series, Door Guard; Door Bolt,ect.
    Internet Technology Main Products: Concealed Hinge, Ball Bearing Slide, Drawer Lock, Cabinet Hinge,ect.
    International Trade Main products: Glass Door Handle, Glass Door Lock, Floor Spring, ect