Internet Technology Rongtai hardware nets ( was established in 2000, located in guangzhou, China operations center, is the Chinese hardware industry leading the third generation of B2B e-commerce sites.There are over 1000 members register in Rongtai hardware net,update all kinds of information more than 5000.With more than fifty thousand high loyalty, high quality member users.Out web site has network technology development, network development, the network Marketing Department, quality information monitoring and so on.Nearly 100 employees, in shantou, guangzhou, chongqing branch.People in Rongtai will be together with all our clients, creating the Chinese hardware leading network platform hand in hand. Taocai nets, founded in 2000, is one of the most professional human resources services in Shantou.With efficient services, advanced technology, professional team, to provide information interaction between enterprises and talents exchange service, the web site provide a fast, individual job interactive communication platform.Taocai nets mainly to the rapid development of small and medium-sized enterprises to provide one-station human resources. With the idea of "the good faith is professional, practical innovation" for development, the web site help enterprise to get the best human resources, promote professional development.